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6-Hour Extensive Program

Edelweiss Kindergarten will be introducing a new 6-hour program from 2021 for Nursery, K1 and K2 levels.  This new program will run concurrently with the present 3½-hour program, and will commence from 8:15am, ending at 2:15pm. 

This new program will include the present 3½-hour regular program with an extension of 2½ hours into the afternoon.  On weekly basis, many additional value-added programs are provided to our children in this new program.  We offer this new program on a “first-come-first-offered” basis with one standard fee structure, although several good enrichment programs to be run by selected commercial vendors will form part of our extended curriculum.


The right diagram shows an overview of the new program. 

Yes! Not forgetting... LUNCH...

Lunch is included in the 6-hour program. 

Edelweiss Kindergarten is awarded a “Healthy Preschool” by the Health Promotion Board (HPB).  You can be assured that the lunch menu is planned with healthy and balanced diet in consideration.

6HR PROG.png

Gym – by BearyFun Gym Pte Ltd

BearyFun Gym is an established school that specializes in preschool gymnastics program which equips young children with the essential movement skills and nurturing them to be confident children in a fun environment.  Its curriculum focuses on developing children’s loco-motor development, muscular strength, flexibility, body stability and coordination.


Computer / Robotics & Coding – by Ednoland

Ednoland has been providing computer as well as robotics and coding programs for our children for the past ten years.  Its program is designed to expose your child to the exciting world of technology.  It aims to arouse your child’s interest, and ignite his/her passion for innovation.  Our children in the 6-hr program will continue with this program to develop their IT skills.  K1 and K2 children will also learn about robots and simple programming through engaging and fun hands-on experiments, and acquire invaluable skills such as problem-solving, communication, analytical thinking, project management and creativity.


Primary 1 Preparation (exclusive for K2 only)

The Primary 1 Preparation Course for K2 further prepares our children for Primary 1 education.  The preparation course starts from the beginning of the year (term 1) till the children graduate at the end of the year.  The course follows closely to the current Ministry of Education (MOE) Primary 1 English, Chinese and Math syllabuses.  Other than academically prepared, this program also helps children to be socially and emotionally prepared for Primary School life.  


The phonics program is an extension of the lessons taught in the regular school curriculum.  Phonics helps readers to map sounds onto spellings and vice versa.  It helps in the development of word recognition by providing children with an useful way to figure out unfamiliar words while reading.  When children begin to recognize a large number of words, reading fluency improves.  The emphasis of this program is on mastering sight words, developing phonics decoding skills (blends, beginning and ending sounds, word building), reading comprehension, sentence construction, and vocabulary acquisition.  The program also aims to develop self-confidence and love of reading.


Public Speaking

Public-speaking is an important life-skill.  The earlier children are exposed to it, the more comfortable they will be in a variety of speaking situations.  We encourage children to unleash their inner courage and confidence to speak.  In this program, children will have fun with confidence-building games, and learn how to craft a speech as well as the techniques for controlling voice and nervousness.


Art Appreciation

Children are exposed to a variety of artworks and art forms by different artists.  These artworks can include paintings, sculptures, photography and calligraphy by local and foreign artists.  Through these exposures, our teachers guide the children to articulate their feelings and further develop their appreciation for art.  At the same time, it develops “Visual Thinking Strategies” by allowing children to examine art, to think, to contribute to observations, to listen to others, and build understandings together.


This program focuses on building foundation in the area of listening, comprehension, reading, writing and oral expression.  Activities used to enhance the learning of Chinese in this program include dramatization, music, songs, poems, and fun brain teasers. Lessons are fun, interactive and holistic.  Children are exposed to the natural use of Chinese in their everyday lives, building their self-confidence and their vocabulary.

English Speech & Drama – by Treasure Chest Education

Treasure Chest Education is a premier enrichment education provider.  The Speech & Drama program aims to build confidence, expressive and communicative skills in a social setting.  It also develops effective listening skills and improves on articulation, voice projection and speech clarity. Besides nurturing creativity and imagination, this program also develops performance skills and self-confidence through drama.  This enrichment vendor has served with our kindergarten for more than 10 years.


Teachers provide fun, interactive and hands-on science experiences for children.  They support children to construct knowledge and extend their learning through inquiry and discovery.  They guide children in drawing conclusions or suggesting possible reasons to explain their discoveries.  In doing so, children understand why things happen and how things work.  The areas of science that are covered include Life Science, Physical Science, and Environmental Science.

Social Studies

Social Studies encourage children to be cognizant and interested about the world we live in.  Children are exposed on current affairs to increase their awareness on current issues that take place both in Singapore and around the world.  Children also learn about Singapore, its culture and the community they live in.  They will even learn about maps and navigation.

Life Skills

Children will be taught important life-skills such as simple cooking, basic first aid, economics and gardening.

Simple Cooking - children will learn how to plan a simple, healthy and balanced meal and learn to prepare them in a safe manner. 

Basic First Aid – children will learn basic knowledge and skills on first aid and how to respond during an emergency.

Economics – K1 and K2 children will learn about money, its values, concept of comparative shopping, budgeting, how to manage their money (save and spend wisely), as well as how to differentiate their needs and wants.

Gardening – children will have the opportunity to have hands-on experience in gardening and learn about biodiversity.  This will cultivate interest of gardening in children from a young age, and develop their self-esteem as they see that their gardening efforts yield good results.   

Character Building –

the Young Hero League

Children will learn the following important characters through Bible stories, Bible verses, songs and crafts:

  • Attentiveness

  • Forgiveness

  • Gratefulness

  • Obedience

  • Generosity

  • Orderliness

  • Self-Control

  • Courageous

Brain-Booster Activities / Games

In order to boost the memory and strengthen the social skills of our children, we will introduce to them activities and even board games that exercise their analytical minds and memory so that they can play or have a match with their peers while having fun.

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