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Edelweiss Kindergarten uses a fun

and interactive computer-aided

e-teaching kindergarten curriculum

by ednoland. 

Our engaging e-learning lessons bring

the classroom alive with interesting and relevant themes

that nurture and stimulate the intelligences in a child’s brain.


                                            Howard Gardner’s famous Theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI) states that every child has eight types of intelligences. Our e-learning curriculum uniquely provides a series of well-planned activities to exercise all eight intelligences in your child.

The purpose is to discover and build upon your child’s strengths and at the same time, exercise and improve his/her weaknesses.


Developing Multiple Intelligences


Coding is a new literacy which will be just as important as reading, writing and arithmetic in this digital world. It will prepare your children well with necessary skills for future success!

Importance of Coding

Learning Coding Through Fun Play

Children will learn about robots and simple coding through stimulating hands-on experiments. In the process, they will acquire invaluable life skills such as logical thinking, problem-solving (by breaking a problem into smaller components), collaboration, communication, creativity and more. It all starts with hands-on play at a young age using developmentally-appropriate tools.

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